Invest Your Money in Peso Balanced Fund – and Find Out the Perfect Bank for You

They say OFW life doesn’t last forever. That’s true. This is why you need to “strike while the iron is hot” because you’ll never know until when you can work and earn in dollars.

“May savings naman kami,” you might say.

While that is a good news, unfortunately, savings is not enough to attain financial security. You need to explore other options, investment options in particular, to grow your money. One of the many investment options you can try is the Peso Balanced Fund. 

From the name itself, this type of investment is a mixture of fixed-income assets such as corporate or government bonds, and equities or stocks listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE). The good thing about this investment is that it is a good mixture of both risk and return; hence maximizing your investment while minimizing the risk involved in possibly losing your money.

Read on and find out this type of facility offered by banks and their respective features:

BDO Peso Balanced Fund

  • 40 to 60 percent allocation for equity securities
  • Minimum investment: P10,000
  • Minimum additional or maintaining participation amount: P10,000
  • Minimum holding period: 30 days
  • Early redemption fee: 0.50 percent of the original participation amount
  • Trust or Management fee: 1 percent per annum
  • Settlement period: Four banking days after Notice of Redemption is received

BPI Balanced Fund

  • 50 percent each Philippine Stock Exchange index and 91-day Treasury Bill
  • Minimum investment: P10,000
  • Minimum transaction or participation amount: P1,000
  • Minimum holding period: None
  • Early redemption fee: Not specified
  • Trust or Management fee: 1.5 percent per annum
  • Settlement period: Four banking days from the trading day

Metrobank’s Metro Balanced Fund

  • Blue chip stocks and select second-liners listed in the PSE
  • Minimum investment: P25,000
  • Minimum transaction or participation amount: P25,000
  • Minimum holding period: 30 days
  • Early redemption fee: 50 percent of the income
  • Trust or Management fee: 2 percent per annum
  • Settlement period: Next banking day from date of redemption

Security Bank’s SB Peso Asset Variety Fund 

  • Select equity investments listed in the PSE and marketable instruments such as government and corporate bonds
  • Minimum investment: P10,000
  • Minimum transaction or participation amount: P5,000
  • Minimum holding period: Not specified
  • Early redemption fee: Not specified
  • Trust or Management fee: 1.5 percent per annum
  • Settlement period: Not specified

China Bank Balanced Fund 

  • High-grade and marketable fixed income securities and equity issues in the PSE
  • Minimum investment: P10,000
  • Minimum additional investment: P5,000
  • Minimum transaction or participation amount: P10,000
  • Minimum holding period: 30 days
  • Early redemption fee: 1 percent of amount received
  • Trust or Management fee: 1 percent per annum
  • Settlement period: At the end of transaction date

PNB Prestige Balanced Fund 

  • Minimum investment: P10,000
  • Minimum additional investment: P10,000
  • Minimum transaction or participation amount: P1o,000
  • Minimum holding period: 30 calendar days
  • Early redemption fee: Not specified
  • Trust or Management fee: 1.25 percent per annum
  • Settlement period: Three banking days after redemption

RCBC Rizal Balanced Fund 

  • Up to 60 percent in local equities listed in PSE and fixed income securities
  • Minimum investment: P25,000
  • Minimum additional investment: P5,000
  • Minimum maintaining balance: P25,000
  • Minimum holding period: 30 calendar days
  • Early redemption fee: 0.25 percent of redemption proceeds
  • Trust or Management fee: 1 percent per annum
  • Settlement period: Three banking days from redemption date

PBCom Best Balanced Fund

  • Minimum investment: P10,000
  • Minimum additional investment: P10,000
  • Minimum holding period: 90 calendar days
  • Early redemption fee: 0.25 percent per annum of redemption value
  • Trust or Management fee: 1.5 percent per annum
  • Settlement period: Three banking days from redemption date

UCPB Balanced Fund

  • Minimum investment: P10,000
  • Minimum additional participation: P5,000 and in multiples of P1,000
  • Minimum holding period: 30 calendar days
  • Early redemption fee: 5 percent of the amount redeemed
  • Trust or Management fee: 1.75 percent per annum
  • Settlement period: Every 31st calendar day for settlement on the 34th calendar day

Don’t worry. The good thing about balanced fund is that your money is tied with sure assets that will enable you to grow your money. Choose a bank and inquire today. Remember, now is the best time to invest while you still can and still able to work.

Get to Know the Banks with Online Banking Facilities

How do you check your account balance? What about paying the bills? How about your investment? Most of the time, you  will go to the bank, line up, and wait for your turn before the bank personnel will assist you. Waiting takes time as well, depending on the volume of people inside the bank. Since you are physically and miles away from your bank of choice, it would be impossible to go to the branch and update your accounts.

This is why you appreciate technology. Nowadays, you can access your account, transfer money to the account of your loved ones, make adjustments on your investment, and even pay bills even if you are miles away. The question now is what kind of facilities and which banks offer online facilities specifically for the said purposes even if you are outside the Philippines.

Here’s what:

Banco de Oro (BDO)

  • Online Banking – All you have to do is to enroll your account in their website and then activate it at any BDO ATM. Once registered, you can now check your account balances, pay bills, view transactions, send money to BDO accounts, and get electronic statements. Online banking is also secured with one-time password.
  • Mobile Banking – This is more convenient for you since you get to access your account using your mobile phone. Once you enrolled your account in online banking, download the BDO app on your phone to inquire about your account balance, pay bills, transfer money, change password, and even reload your mobile number.
  • Phone Banking – If you want to inquire about account balances, pay bills, transfer money to any enrolled BDO account, reload prepaid phone or BDO Cash Card, know the latest foreign exchange rates, and report a stolen card, simply call +800-8-631-8000 (International Toll-Free)

Keep in mind that BDO online banking facilities require that your account is enrolled and activated through their website and then at any BDO ATM. This way, you get to enjoy BDO services anywhere around the world.

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)

  • Internet Banking – Start by enrolling your account at the BPI website. Fill in the details, print, sign, and then mail it to BPI Fulfillment Banking Department. Once your request is completed (you will be notified via e-mail), you can already manage your account, monitor remittances, pay utilities and other bills, reload a Globe/Touch Mobile prepaid phone, apply for a loan or credit card, and apply for an investment account. Transferring money is also allowed for BPI accounts only.
  • Mobile Banking – First, you need to activate your account at any BPI ATM across the Philippines. Then, download the BPI app in App Store (for Apple users) or Google Play Store (for Android devices). Use your Online Banking username and password to be able to monitor and keep track of your account, pay bills, transfer funds, reload Express Cash and Globe / Touch Mobile prepaid numbers, manage investment accounts, and get the latest forex rates.
  • BPI Express Phone – If you want to inquire about details of your accounts, whether credit card, savings account, or investment; or reload prepaid mobile number, BPI Express Phone can be of service. You can call them 24/7 thru international toll-free numbers.

An email from the Fulfillment Banking Department is essential to proceed with online banking and eventually mobile banking. Make sure you send the signed application form as soon as possible.


  • Mobile Banking – It starts with downloading the app in App Store or Google Play Store. Once you signed up, you can already pay your bills, check balance, buy and/or send load, transfer funds, know the latest foreign exchange rates, and be updated with the latest promos.
  • Metrobankdirect – Similar to other online baking facilities, you need to sign up your account to be able to monitor and access your account, schedule and pay bills, and schedule and transfer funds to both Metrobank and non-Metrobank accounts

The good thing about e-banking with Metrobank is that you can transfer funds even to non-Metrobank accounts (inter-bank transfer). At the same time, you can schedule bills payment and transfer of money, so you won’t forget anything.


  • Chinabank Online – This facility can be accessed in computer/laptop or your mobile phone. It allows you to view your account, pay bills (including existing Chinabank loans), transfer funds (within Chinabank accounts or inter-branch), apply for investment products or insurance, and transfer funds from dollar or euro to peso. You can log-in here.
  • TellerPhone – This 24/7 landline phone banking service enables you to check your balance, pay the bills, transfer funds, and make requests such as Statement of Account. Check this link for a list of international toll-free numbers.

Chinabank’s e-banking facility likewise offers inter-branch transfer, which is a plus.

Security Bank 

  • Online Banking – Signing up is recommended. Once you signed up, you can now manage your account, transfer funds, load to any networks, pay bills, and make foreign exchange transactions. You can apply your account here.
  • Mobile Banking – Simply download the Security Bank app on Google Play Store or App Store. You can already manage your accounts, transfer funds, pay bills, and load to any networks with just a few clicks on your mobile phone.

What’s good about Security Bank’s online banking is that you can send money to your loved ones even if they don’t have an ATM card through its eGiveCash facility. Once you have the passcode, the recipient have to go to any Security Bank ATM, key in the passcode and amount, and the machine will dispense the amount you indicated. No ATM required.

Philippine National Bank (PNB) 

  • Personal Internet Banking – Using your PNB ATM or Debit Mastercard, register to PNB Internet Banking to pay your bills, monitor your accounts including the transactions made, transfer funds to any PNB account, and open and manage your UITF investment.
  • Mobile Banking – The PNB Mobile Banking app, which you can download from the App Store or Google Play Store, allows you to transfer funds between PNB accounts, pay bills, and manage and check transactions made on your account. Use your Internet Banking username and password in accessing the app.

PNB’s e-banking services are committed towards providing you with “banking with convenience” experience.

Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) 

  • Online Banking – Just like the other banks’ online facilities, RCBC requires you to sign up and register your account. This will enable you to enjoy various features even while abroad such as account inquiry, fund transfer, bills payment, remittance inquiry, mobile reload, and use G-cash.
  • Mobile Banking – This requires downloading the RCBC Mobile Banking app and installing it in any Apple or Android devices. Use your online banking log-ins to be able to access the app and do account management, fund transfer, pay bills, check status of remittance, view forex rates, and load MyWallet card.

Inter-bank transfer of funds is allowed, as long as the recipient bank is a member of Bancnet.

Take advantage of these online facilities wherever you are. This way, you will know how much you have in your account anytime, anywhere.